Software policy

* We undertake to use reasonable skill and care in the provision of services to our clients, but have to rely on the information provided to us by the client and their employees, as well as any representations made to us by third party suppliers, in making our recommendations and providing our services, therefore it is the client's responsibility to ensure that any products recommended by us will meet the client's requirements before ordering any products.

* Any products, whether software licences, software, hardware and/or equipment, purchased by us and supplied to the client is done on the client's behalf as their agent, therefore the client needs to look to the suppliers of the products for any loss arising through defects, "bugs" or malfunctioning of such software, hardware or equipment, or for any breach of warranty relating to them. Any returns/refunds of products are therefore at the discretion of the supplier of the products in question.

* We may receive commission from the product supplier. We retain this commission to help defray our demonstration and administration costs. We will disclose the amount of any commission at the client's request.


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